Kotaro Kikuchi

  • Ph.D. Student, Waseda University
  • kiku-koh@ruri.waseda.jp

I am a Ph.D. student at Waseda University, under the supervision of Prof. Edgar Simo-Serra. I received my master's degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Waseda University in 2018. I had worked as a research intern at CyberAgent AI Lab and Microsoft Research Asia. I am interested in applying machine learning and optimization techniques to the design field, and currently working on the graphic layout generation.

Featured Project

Modeling Visual Containment for Web Page Layout Optimization

Kotaro Kikuchi, Mayu Otani, Kota Yamaguchi, Edgar Simo-Serra

Pacific Graphics 2021

Constrained Graphic Layout Generation via Latent Optimization

Kotaro Kikuchi, Edgar Simo-Serra, Mayu Otani, Kota Yamaguchi

ACM Multimedia 2021


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